Shanghai is not afraid of the terrible punishment of love yourself no idea

some time ago webmaster circle popular buy PR high Links and some illegal black chain, I believe you had heard many webmaster also spent money to buy some links, today we black chain on the site has what harm, a lot of people say black chain can be used to improve the site keywords ranking at that time, I spent a few hundred dollars to buy the black chain, then I just got a website and then the keywords to do, more than a month I found the key did not improve, basically website content is love Shanghai to K light, here is what I personally tried. So you still don’t go to buy some black chain, if found by search engine punishment, the punishment is very serious.

Links many webmaster don’t pay much attention to this, generally is the exchange of Links is thrown into the end there for a long time not to say, many sites are being punished and you exchange Links site joint punishment, so we can check every day over their Links is normal.

is the soul of the website content, website no matter how good you do art, web browsing speed, all cannot do without the original content website support, user access to your website is to get the information they need, but now many webmaster to lazy directly copy and paste the content, in fact.


is now the website promotion is mostly rely on search engines to get traffic, but in the promotion process will inevitably encounter some things the other search engines to punish you, so we will be summed up their experience to learn, let us know more about the search engine website or further expand, today is to love Shanghai, for example, to talk about our webmaster how to avoid punishment if you love Shanghai, love Shanghai punished us owners should use what way.

if you love Shanghai station was punished, you can start looking for careful punishment is the source where the love of Shanghai to punish common are: Links joint punishment, accumulation of keywords, buy black chain, copy and paste type website, three days fishing nets two days of drying type, here only refers to some common examples, we take these examples to explain, I also take the solution and everybody said, in order to avoid later encounter similar things have ways to deal with.

accumulation of this problem in general the old owners do not make such mistakes, are generally novice webmaster to touch such a mistake, we should put the site in the early main keywords and long tail keywords which are to consider, and then the key layout reasonable distribution, but many novice AdSense for a keyword the ranking can improve on their own internal website crazy add this keyword, let search engine for this keyword is repeated to obtain certain results included in the rankings, in fact, this approach is very risky and the success rate is not high, so for the novice webmaster accumulation keyword is a desirable method.

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