Shanghai dragon blog profit model worrying ziyuzile or into the mainstream

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since the operation of Shanghai dragon blog does not have what opportunities, then it is not meant to end the Shanghai dragon blog? I have a little of his own opinion, and take it out and share with you


is actually a number from the A5 search section of the current changes can also see that the current Shanghai dragon blog is very difficult to do, because the higher the A5 for Shanghai dragon search column demanded, the fundamental reason is that Shanghai Longfeng content homogenization is very obvious, if no new article is passed, the is better than nothing, so the current A5 search column every day by the number of articles about only ten years ago, and at 40 articles through

in Shanghai Longfeng blog has started facing the market reshuffle, many Shanghai Longfeng blogs have been facing off and coming off the dilemma, the reason is a lot of Shanghai dragon of the blog without power, that is to say money effect is not obvious, you know a few years ago in Shanghai Longfeng blog traffic and popularity is enough, and most visited Shanghai Longfeng blog users are potential customers of the blog, so you can earn a little money, but now Shanghai dragon blog content hard to write, no new ideas, pseudo original content to more difficult to attract other users, plus all the content and the chain after all is said and done, leading to a lot of Shanghai Longfeng blog on the Internet is like a dead stop hanging.

is the last Shanghai dragon blog still can earn some advertising costs for themselves and through the Shanghai dragon blog pull some Shanghai dragon optimization order for certain keywords, the optimization difficulty is not very high, so long as a year to Shanghai dragon blog connect a small order just enough to feed their independent Shanghai dragon the Shanghai dragon "blog.

and Shanghai dragon blog operation cost is not very high, need to spend time every day is not a lot, have time to update some self perception of the Shanghai dragon articles, not reproduced some thought to be able to help the majority of users, these will not bring to stationmaster time consumption, and even is an independent blog, the domain name space fee plus the cost just a few hundred dollars, this investment will bring what economic losses to the owners, but can let yourself on the Internet by a small home, and this little house may be able to continue to grow in a casual

first as the Shanghai dragon blog belongs to personal interest, this is a very important point, since it is a blog from the beginning if holding profit but operation mode of no interest, this is destined to blog and Shanghai dragon say goodbye! And interest is the first factor to support the webmaster to continue to operate after all. Shanghai dragon by writing a blog article, perhaps one of the search engine algorithm trend judge correctly, and other websites, it also has a certain sense of achievement, the key also so you will continue to accumulate popularity on the Internet, the popularity of future interest transformation is very impressive!

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