Sharing website three label optimization real


tag is generally the repetition of the title of the website keywords can.

keyword tag changes, at the same time improve the keyword density, but also the core keywords directly positioning website, although many webmaster said that now the search engines don’t value Keywords tags, but will not write better than writing.

Analysis of the


Analysis of the

Dscription: golden family, new network, Chanel bag, chanel bags, chanel bags, Chanel bags official website _ discount luxury genuine Gucci GUCCI, Prada Prada, Burberry Burberry, Miu Miu Miu Fendi Fendi fashion bags, leather goods, money bag, perfume and other special discount.

Analysis of the

Title: the new golden family still Chanel bag chanel bag chanel bag bag Chanel official website

Keywords label:

Dscription label:

first look at the labels website without modification.


Title label:

Keywords: golden family, new network, Chanel bag, chanel bags, chanel bags, Chanel bags official website

first is the core keywords too many words, if further optimization, there is no way to optimize the concentration of key words, so the core keywords can only be three or four can be, from the top of the title, is to "Chanel", so as to analyze from the subject, or list more than 10 associated with the Chanel bag of words, and then through the analysis of competitors, keyword bidding advertising, fell in love with the sea word index, the final decision is amended as follows.

a lot of Shanghai dragon ER don’t know where to start optimizing the website, often learn a lot about Shanghai Dragon technology, but in combat when not used, do not know how to use flexibly, especially to optimize the internal structure of the site, if there is no basis for it, do not know how to start Shanghai dragon, ER received after the first site must be analyzed and modified, so the optimization of three tags is very important for the website optimization.

Title tag even more standardized, the first of these words include "Chanel" at the same time, the subject of "golden family" this website belongs to the brand name, this is a typical subject and brand word combination phenomenon.

modified Chanel bag price, Chanel official website, Chanel brand bags, golden family

After the

modified Chanel bag price _ Chanel bags official website _ Chanel brand bags – golden family

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