Reflection how to write a search engine and user needs the love

2, Shanghai love index retrieval words, the fastest rising search words, demand patterns, portraits of people;

5, according to the above summary information, Mgr

4, Sogou search index, the drop-down box and search search;

1, the drop-down box, love Shanghai love Shanghai, love Shanghai search recommendation, love note, love Shanghai customs promotion background for your keyword planner;

called the

first understand what is the search engine of love

3, the user needs it, is what users want, what you have, if users search for the cause of the explosion in Gure PX, you will have the relevant reports, and

1, the reasonable layout, clear picture, paragraph structure clear, keywords accumulation and so on;


Next we know what

3, a good search index, a good search drop-down box, a good search search;


2 users must also determine the target user, or have no relevance;

2, show the results of search engine ranking on the home page of the article, if ranking to the top three, the search engine of your article is not a general non love;

love, then the search engine how to write the user needs

3, the search engine of love, certainly not the lack of original articles, but also shows that the owners love Shanghai college, the original article, does not mean that you write from A to Z a word, is the original article, but your article is valuable, can solve some of the needs of users, even if your article is not original, but after you carefully adjusted, more can solve the needs of users, this is the original search engine is a favorite, I wrote an article for health information in February this year (Syndication) article, but it has more than 1000 IP, and Sina, phoenix also has the same article, but we the purpose is not the same, but their ranking in my article, I focus on the website of the weight is low, there is a chance to explain how I write the article;

4, with a few word search engine love article, scarcity, high quality, timely.

in Shanghai love webmasters college is an article, "product, editors must see: write the search engines like the title", the content of search engines love the title, on the very thorough, explained in detail the structure of the title, the title put what content to users love, if you don’t know how to write the title of friends you can move, see time will benefit you, and today Yiqiang Huang Shanghai dragon blog tell you, is on the basis of this, how to write the search engine love but also user needs this article.

user demand

1, as the name suggests is to watch user pain points;

Of course,

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