Case study how to optimize the long tail keywords title

long tail keywords: QQ Dancer name Daquan "love Shanghai


long tail keywords: "QQ dance name symbol" love Shanghai index



analysis of 2 examples below my election, good title for the article is how to optimize the long tail keywords effect:

I found

from the above several love Shanghai index can be seen, although the long tail keywords flow is far better than the main keywords, but the accumulation can be a good supplement matter! I will use the following screenshot shows: good article title optimization is how to achieve good optimization effect or long tail keywords good ranking

first look at the main keyword: QQ Dancer name love Shanghai index

Because the


long tail keywords: "QQ female dancer name" love Shanghai


has recently been on site optimization of long tail keywords ideas, found in the study of peer web site, a good title for the article can bring good effect to optimize the long tail keywords, good title for the article itself if the weight is high enough even if the long tail keywords there are many sites with home page to optimize the short term to compete with you, a lot of long tail keywords can bring huge traffic, so we spent so much time to go to the original or false original content within the time, spend more time there will be a multiplier in the title of the article must develop the effect.

in the analysis of the peer site in many sites included a lot, but the establishment of the title of the article did not cater to the search engine’s preferences, so the article page is difficult to have a long tail keywords good ranking, bring traffic is very limited. So in the title of the article.

love Shanghai (QQ Dancer) search:

2 from the above screenshot I believe we have seen, when released in the content, the long tail keywords good and the title of the article together, and will be placed on the long tail keywords before the title of the article, when your home page weight is high enough, these long tail keywords of the page will also have a very good ranking.

from the search we can get the long tail keywords: "QQ Dancer name symbol" and "QQ," female dancer name "QQ Dancer name Daquan" here I will not list

screenshot too long here I do not go, we are interested can search, I use this site red label has a good ranking.





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