Discussion the chain can really bring traffic

The probability of

is the first to explain the chain one click, there will be traffic, but the traffic is not calculated in the object you add hyperlinks to websites or anchor link, that is to say you need someone else to read your article, and you have to click on the link above will add you really need a website traffic flow, otherwise only is included. So the odds you have to say about the probability that 100 people browsing your article does not exceed a maximum of 3 people to leave you the link, your article is a prerequisite for readability. If it is hard advertising, so sorry, even if you believe that advertising browse thousands of times, people will link is scanty.

said the second method is circuitous, interaction, first need high quality of the original article, when they see your things after the receipt, you should actively interactive, active and making friends with others, in the course of time, your post’s popularity is high, but tell the truth, this has been out on >

said that for a long time, we can see that the chain of pure basic do not bring much traffic, so what can we do to solve this dilemma. Here is one of the most direct way to say. Very simple, is to spend money on the top, the general portals, forums. As long as the home page top, also need your article have certain readability, flow is certainly a qualitative leap, of course this way in some places or not, such as Alibaba, they are purely flow data and your relationship and industry bigwigs to speak.


do not know what time from the beginning, Shanghai dragon industry out of such a saying, called in the chain for the emperor chain for the king, many people think that the hair chain can bring a lot of traffic to the site, a little common sense would say that the hair in high weight forum above can bring a lot of chain flow, but the fact that how

is also reflected in the chain, as a form of the chain, and transfer the weight above is very arrogant, but if there is no traffic, it is difficult to say, the general chain is in the bottom of the site, do not say others, at least I won’t turn to go to the point at the bottom of the site chain so, that can bring a lot of traffic are put to rest.

second is directly with a URL, generally divided into direct plus hyperlinks and text links two, text links are more common, many forums, classified information, B2B can now, hyperlink moderators also audit more cautious, an inattentive owners. So what the chain can bring much traffic.

here, to remind Shanghai dragon beginners, don’t be fooled bigwigs. To explain, we all know that the chain of words, some anchor text, now there are few forums can add anchor link, if can, generally only allows you to send a special advertising section, the advertising section made the technical process what, here is not to say.


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