Chen Yunyan the use of popular keywords lit fire flow


Jobs, global network search ranked third, behind Shanghai and Shanghai. Love love after the news

had a lot of friends asked me, what good method can make the site traffic rapid growth in the short term? One of the quickest and most effective way is to make full use of the hot events. Hot events are the most concerned, the most provoking discussion of the event, if you learn to use hot events marketing, you will never flow low, there are often popular events, such as the hot topic on the Internet, if you know how to find these, make good use of these hot events, can lure users into you the website to get traffic.

is now popular events, then focus on a lot of people, the topic of discussion is also very much, many large portals will be related to the track.


then we’ll look at Jobs and Jobs related keyword search volume in this period are much


, a forecast ability, ready for

two, the website itself needs to have a certain foundation

in Shanghai in search of love Jobs’s death, Jobs disease, Jobs cancer related long tail keywords global network is almost always ranked in second place, second only to Shanghai after the news of love

then we should be how to make full use of popular events detonated site traffic? Quanzhou Shanghai dragon Chen Yunyan that we must do the following two points:

We can see from the above

remember all the latest information about the death of Jobs, Jobs related topics on the network suddenly broke the pot. Quanzhou Shanghai dragon Chen Yunyan found this incident in the global network is fully utilized, so as to obtain a staggering flow. Next we take a look at:

relevant search during this period of Jobs Jobs’s search volume soared, from hundreds of thousands of search volume soared to about 800000; Jobs’s long tail key is as high as about 200000. And we can see the global network to put these words are done before three, the estimated flow global network day intercepted at least one million level.

We all know that

to make full use of the hot events get traffic, we must make adequate preparations. If you are very difficult to go beyond the large portal site information, so we must always pay attention to all kinds of information, there is enough sensitivity to the information. We all know that in about 2 months ago, the media has announced that Jobs has advanced cancer, life is only the last 6 weeks. If you for this information a little sensitivity, then you are not well behind the interception of the Jobs incident flow.

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