The website keyword ranking drop and Solutions


two, frequently modify site title

, a server failure

keyword ranking hardships make up, hard most of the time to harvest the results, but not always the first, your ranking up that has to be liberated, then you wait off too late to regret, the ranking is to maintain, occasionally to query keywords situation is good the rise is happy, the mood also decreased not too low, summed up what is the reason for our ranking dropped off? Ranking is not terrible, terrible is not to return to the throne, it is a solution to put back. I will introduce several factors and solutions for you:

website ASP, PHP and other space code, no good cheap goods, good goods are not cheap, also want the kind of high quality and inexpensive space, the problem is not the opportunity to rely on personal connections may work, a penny goods, space business also love to make a run away, so you buy the space start to put on the website, in a few days will be turned off, the space can not contact, is really bad luck home, again for space, the Shanghai dragon influence is still very large, stable space to be well-known, the price value, reluctant to invest, they simply don’t do the webmaster oh, but there are some grey industry profits, will inevitably cause some people envy, you love someone or your doss attack, make your site can not access in a period of time, the user will slowly lose your ranking, You may have to change, the webmaster can afford a good server to resist, your space is often unstable, or occasionally not open, suggest you to change other space.

: the new construction site just within 1-2 months frequently modify site title will result in K, I used to be a kind of edge, those words are always love and harmony in Shanghai, and I often change, did not think it made a big, the site has been K for a long time, and even can be said to be hopeless. Only for another domain, the new weight is not high, easy to cause the attention of search engines, you feel this website is kidding it, what types of websites should be chosen keywords, don’t wait until the start of update and send the chain, then change the title, the light is right down, heavy is K in general, you can change one or two times, but time is not too short, the best is half a month of such a small action, not a sudden bleeding it is in big trouble.

old station: more than 3 months into the old station has a certain weight, then change the title can not be too frequent, even if the domain name is old age old station to station and recover quickly, but frequently change the title, there will be some punishment, I had to do station group, is engaged in the single page ranking model of Taobao customers, but not always ranking up, I also very helpless, VPS to renew, had to sell all stations in the domain name, the domain name acquisition I buyers are doing it industry, thousands of domain names, then my domain name has been included many, also part of a >

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