Liu Tong vice president of the 1 store on the user information leakage apology


technology news (Zhu Xudong) November 2nd news, recently, "No. 1 store customer information, the police have control of the relevant personnel", shop No. 1 vice president Liu Tong said, shop No. 1, the first time to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the internal system, process and authority of the clean-up, upgrade, in order to stop the day after the occurrence of similar incidents.

at the same time, said Liu Tong, the matter has been brought to some consumers uneasy, shop No. 1 express sincere apology.

Liu Tong said that six months ago, the number 1 shop in the daily work of the investigation found that some of the customer’s order information (ie, the customer’s receipt of information) may exist due to human disclosure. 1 shop attaches great importance to the initiative to report to the police in Shanghai, and actively cooperate with the police investigation, evidence collection. Affected customers, shop No. 1 on the order of information security issues are properly handled.

but in order to cooperate with the police investigation work, shop No. 1, said it was not convenient to disclose other relevant information, such as the scope of customer information leakage, the incident involving personnel, etc..

at present, shop No. 1 has set up the Department of ethics management, reporting telephone and other ways to regulate and manage the professional ethics of employees. And shop No. 1 will continue to actively cooperate with the Shanghai police case investigation, and pay close attention to the findings of the police.

in May 1st this year have been blasting shop leak user information, police said recently, according to the preliminary investigation Paimo, has seized 1 shop online mall employees and external personnel turnover, collusion, causing part of the customer information disclosure case. Up to now, 11 people have been controlled by the public security department, the case is still under investigation.

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