n 2015 the focus is website optimization Shanghai dragon er

fourth, the construction site outside the chain must be a degree of relaxation. We know that the link is the entire Internet pathway spiders and user access to the site, whether the chain or chain or spiders and users to visit our site through a link. So the link in the construction of Shanghai Longfeng work has attracted much attention and concern. Especially the chain construction site, the author suggests that we must distinguish between the order of priority, the degree of relaxation, the construction site outside the chain can not be blind, not jumped blindly, grasp the construction principles and rules of the chain, the quality and stability to win.

, in 2015, I think website optimization quality will be promoted again, then the user participation and user behavior of our website weight and ranking in more or less influence, and as a webmaster we want "

third, the user experience problems. Website online, you need to understand the purpose of optimization is to the user, not the user service concept is all all-match, even if the optimization to love Shanghai home, but users do not buy it you will not be able to use search engines, no user will lose the meaning and value of the price. So, the user experience is the webmaster and users need to issues of common concern, if a website user experience of good words, the search engine can also through the user behavior model to judge the degree of important, the site of the second, the user experience is directly affecting the site conversion rate, high conversion is common to all the owners the pursuit, so to enhance the user experience without delay.

second, must pay attention to social factors. The social factors that, in fact the user participation, allowing users to actively participate in the interactive website, promotion website activity is the problem we must pay attention to the details of the webmaster, now many popular elements such as micro-blog, interactive communication, share feelings, if a website is Internet users inside the website constantly recommend, share and comment in the society, then this site will be search engine rankings finally give excellent favor. Because of these uncontrollable factors is the search engine to determine the site of viscosity and user experience is the most direct method.

first, website content is the most important optimization as the core. A website to obtain rankings, our most basic work is to do the content of the website, content is the focus of concern is the search engine users to determine the most important points for the core quality of website content? We want to support optimization of theme, we have a certain authority and must be close to the needs of users, to write related articles according to the user’s interests. Rather than do not close to reality in order to optimize the free writing.

Finally, the author summed up

we know, website optimization with the development of the search engine is also changing, we as a webmaster how to plan a new year website optimization work? The author and a detailed analysis of 2015, we should optimize the site details, focus on the good, to share the theme of today.

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