How to excavate the site long tail keywords The 58 city of Shanghai Longfeng optimization

Q & a platform industry

2, love Shanghai search

As shown by


1, love Shanghai drop-down box

logon love Shanghai promotion assistant, a good tool in the search for the promotion of "under the" keyword tool "is a keyword mining. As shown below:

optimization of long tail keywords ranking, we need to solve 3 problems;

first of all, we need to learn to develop and expand the keyword.

as follows, through love Shanghai mining index

5, Jinhua webmaster tools or after word tools

massive long tail keywords mining;


, Jinhua mining webmaster tools.

: a tool and method for mining long tail keywordsThe index of love


3, Shanghai

tools and some commonly used methods of long tail keywords mining. In general, we need to prepare a Excel file for storing keywords to mining.


each keyword corresponds to a URL problem;

drop-down box


as follows, through the relevant search keywords love Shanghai mining.

is a website to get the mass flow, ranking optimization must know how to do long tail keywords. What is the long tail keywords? In general, in addition to the main keywords our home to do other, derived from the main key words are key words long tail keywords.

4, love Shanghai promotion assistant

each keyword not content to repeat the problem;

as follows, through the love of Shanghai mining


features of long tail keywords: 1, long; 2, the search volume is low; 3, less competition;

know, Search ask like Shanghai, question and answer, or relevant industry forum, as long as the search keywords, you can find a lot of user questions, and these problems appear in the keywords is largely the needs of users. For example, the following figure, we know that in the search for "love Shanghai press" can also tap into a large number of keywords.




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