On the five point chain Skills

forum is certainly there, at the forum, what can you do? How hot: real hot, combined with your website, this is a problem worthy of study. We can also think, specific keywords need to be flexible combination.

A look at the

method: Shanghai love your keywords, find the related blog or forum.

popular blog is good traffic, and these popular blogs are recommended to the website of chance, Sina’s popular blog is a good example. The second is some site navigation station will have a popular blog site. Take advantage of the web site is also good.


four: good link exchange platform.

before searching for the answer to this question, we must have a clear definition of what we need is the quality of the chain, so the chain place should be a quality, rather than what posts in some places. You said to understand this? It is easy to find the chain.

blog, use other people’s blog comments, reply some constructive suggestions, or to the blog to contribute, there are now many blogs have taken submission to increase the content of the web site. You have to have the quality of contribution, not the quality of the article, they certainly won’t pass your submission. Of course, there are also some other portals can also contribute, such as A5 etc..

method: three popular blogs.

competitors forever is your best teacher. Your opponent is how to do the chain, they often use the way of the chain, where the chain, are you clear? Here is a good tool for everyone, that is love Shanghai chain query tool, the chain now love Shanghai outside the chain of tools can not only check their the web site, the chain can also analyze other websites. The chain competitors do not have to be used in all, what you need is better choice.


blog has six did not update the article, take some time today to update an article. This article is not want to write, just as I am now in the exercise of soft writing, so I practice. When is lianbi. I hope my friends do not joke ah. Every day around at the forum, today saw a friend’s question: "who can tell me a few outside the chain site?" asked this question must be looking for friends as can be imagined. The chain. Generally people can tell you is not necessarily the most effective web site outside the chain, or is a lot of garbage outside the chain where it already existed, if you are interested in the chain. So, I can only tell you so cute, you probably do not go up the ranking website. Then send the chain. How to find

link exchange platform is.

two methods: the use of competitors.

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