Web log P in how to identify the types of search engine spiders and true

2, login to your site server, usually the location of the log C:WINDOWSsystem32LogFiles

so how to identify the types of search engine? Such as a IP which contains the Baiduspider search engine is love Shanghai, containing noble baby BOT is the Google search engine, search engine containing 360Spider is 360. Or can be analyzed by some web log tool. Web log analysis is suitable for beginners to use, because can directly see the information inside the data.

is now a lot of grassroots webmaster do not know, how to view the site log, web log inside how to identify the types of search engine, IP the meaning and true spider judgment, Qiao said today Shanghai forum for Dragon how to analyze the web log inside IP introduce. You must first put the web log download, download method:

tell spider steps four


1, FTP space log folder


IP then each segment of Web log inside and what are the meaning of this? I said before Qiao Shanghai Longfeng forum published "see web log IP so much, I do not know what is the meaning of each IP segment", here is no longer the long winded. Here is to introduce how to distinguish between true and false spider:

this is what I downloaded from the server on August 2nd through the above web logs, we can see that there are some English letter code, for many webmaster optimization Shanghai dragon looks very headache, but for some optimization of crown net master, this is a piece of cake for them, because they have been very thorough the inside of each character segment represents the meaning of.

If the




input and then click OK, and then the function box input IP address, IP address can only be entered manually, not paste.

to tell the spider is introduced here, here we introduce a spider crawling IP simulated some webmaster tools. < >

A good

display is a true love of spiders in Shanghai:

display is the real fake spider:

If the

tell spider a procedure

tell spider steps three

click on the lower left corner of the desktop icon – the "start" in the search box, enter "CMD" – type "NSLOOKUP",

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