Note carefully selected space site space selection

third is the attention stability of site space.


function of

if the one hundred trillion web space for you, and can quickly upgrade, so many website space content, then the content is moving not to bypass the problem, the stable web space provider has become some necessary choice.

Telecom, China Unicom and double is now our three websites the main provider of domestic space, the southeastern region is stronger in the Northwest for Telecom, China Unicom, China Unicom telecom customers if you access the web space is relatively slow, in turn, telecom customers visit Unicom website space speed will be very slow. But the two now very fast, but the cost is very expensive.

wants to create a good website, have to pay attention to every detail, then we should be how to choose the site space? Let the experts give us advice:

fourth is an extension of

second is a web space access speed to meet the requirements or not.

does not support the websiteWe choose

security is a must to remember, otherwise the site space will be the Trojan virus invasion often, many websites are now with antivirus function space, so we must pay attention to this point in the selection of site space.

performance space

is the first website security space is the first selected.

The fifth is to look at the

as an important factor in the stability of the net space, it is the problems often occur, such as not open the site, which will affect the site ranking, sometimes even will be right down, so we must have the stable web space provider as our partners.

website to find space with the site itself of the provider, such as program and database to meet the specification.

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