How to retain the skills and methods of spiders in Shanghai Longfeng

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1. spiders to

web server for a web site in the end how important, here we show a set of data. The list of server problems on five days and ALEXA rankings: 9.25 ranking rose 2539, 9.26 ranking rose 6863, No. 9.27 server problems, taking account for line problems, when long 4H, the cup began. The day down 7938, the 9.28 nightmare continues to fall 32307, 9.29 decline in 7364, 9.30 began to rise, until now.

5, the web server:

above is yourself with your own web site some experience, hope that we can learn from the failure of the tutorial, learning knowledge, keep the spider. Finally, hope to help everyone, and you do not consistent place also don’t throw stones.

is new, because my keyword ranking is not good, combined with the industry website made a big adjustment, a terrible thing happened, the second day Shanghai snapshot back 1 months, the snapshot is not updated, this situation continues after a week back to normal.

The stability of the


In order to maintain the stability of

first set: 贵族宝贝zhiwentao贵族宝贝/ fingerprint fingerprint film welcome to reprint, thank you support.

snapshot and included the importance ranking of a website, I think we are very clear, so how to keep the spider love in Shanghai every day included, update everyday snapshots that, here are some views on the author’s own experience of the site is given.

?What time is the spider

2 update:

What time The

first talk about the original, pseudo original acquisition. Keep updating is king, I have noticed a few movie website, all the contents of the basic collection, search engine keyword ranking is also the home page, and the key to popularity is very optimistic. It also shows that the update is king.

website, morning, evening? In fact is not fixed, my website basically two more every day, sooner or later each time, the number of updates about 10 articles, included, basically will be updated within five minutes included, basically all included. It can be inferred that the spider web site is not timing. If you do update website.

About the chain: This article from the A5 website: The

3. site title not light:

speaking of the chain a bit ashamed, the chain has been no more, but at present included snapshot update situation, still very good. After all, has every day with as a snapshot.

Adhere to the

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