Original website optimization is the hard truth

website optimization is facing new challenges

The quality problem of !The algorithm in the evolving

2, work experience, as there are no two identical leaves, each person in the work of the sense of enlightenment that is different, these insights summarized is a unique content information;

website optimization?What method can solve the together to discuss!


3, edit the content integration, a lot of website information to meet user will always check, let users need to know the terms of these mirrors, for why the user is undoubtedly a kind of torture, if you can restore the information in the "truth", the content of the web site and other sites should be higher than the natural score to the contents of the win.


website optimization status do not please


second, website content relevance. The simple value content scarcity is not enough, we need to know the site location. If only for a short period of time for the web site traffic.

website content is always a key problem we discussed. Once thought, in the open space to win the key lies in the scarcity of content and content correlation content.

1, the content of current affairs, to do straight from the heart and fast, let users think your information is the first resource, convenient for users to the site’s attention;

, search engine to study blindly, please search engine, bring the optimization effect is not ideal. The face of "adjust and improve the algorithm in June day", get good rankings and traffic had from the start to solve the fundamental problem of website optimization operation. At this point, the real problem to the

web content is the key to attract users leave, good content have a direct relationship with the comprehensive score of website optimization; the chain is the key to guide the user to enter the site, but also the external vote, the main channel of weight transfer. We do not know exactly when to focus on which aspects of love, Shanghai as we did. Hyperlink algorithm in July 3rd, let us more clearly now the chain is hard, want to improve the outside chain, Dennis consider upgrading space limitations. Therefore, he made a bold inference. Want to forge ahead in the website optimization, website content is the hard truth!

first, web content scarcity. Now the information over the Internet, as long as the network coverage, get the latest news really very simple, then we should be how to make the scarcity of

what is the fundamental problem of the

?Here the author Dennis

first, as we all know Shanghai dragon Er, in order to get good rankings we must upgrade the website user experience. I think the most is the content and the chain! They who share some more? Different ER different views of Shanghai dragon.

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