Novice webmaster how to open the way of writing

second: time of writing must be the most active in their state of mind. I think that writing is a kind of mood ", a lot of time with our own state are closely related, each has its own fixed writing period, this period is probably the most active state of their own and thinking, such as myself, as early as 8:30 is the most active period of time for the brain, write this time of thinking is very clear, your state of mind and you end up writing to give people the feeling is a great relationship, no state, write very boring, write scrawny feeling, when you adjust to an optimal state you will find the time to write the article is very true to life is full, each person writing periods are not consistent, some people love the night writing, some people love in the morning, according to their characteristics Find the best use of their own time state, so as to write high quality articles.


writing is Shanghai, as everyone knows, er must face the problem, as a qualified webmaster whether you are inside or outside the station of Shanghai Phoenix News article optimization article, needs its own heart to writing it, may be a lot of the time we will face a lot of problems in the process of writing, but the writing is to write don’t think of a topic, but is one can’t make bricks without straw, no similar material accumulation, the problem is many webmaster will face before entering this industry problem, in fact, writing is not difficult, difficult is you on the accumulation of life, your experience and experience, here, our way of writing it how to open


first, writing before conception and planning. The writing of the article we must have a clear idea in writing before actually is the process of determining the thrust of the article, how to write what types of articles, the title of the article mainly determined, and those who want to optimize the long tail word reflected, planning is very key, with the idea of the process, large the frame of the article writing before we set off, according to the framework, identify the main ideas of each paragraph, and then to straighten out the idea of writing it is going to be at ease, at the.

third: writing must stand on the point of view of the readers to ponder. Writing not only we have to organize their own ideas, at the time of writing must understand your articles that help for other owners, that is you must think of the value reflected in what place, such as the Shanghai dragon optimization, several novice webmaster are most concerned about is the site early, mid chain construction site how do the website ranking or later? Floating down the right should be how to deal with, this is for the new Shanghai dragon ER may encounter the most problems, so, if in order to serve the novice webmaster you should consider these ideas to do. If you want to be with senior industry Shanghai dragon Er exchange, so may your article under foot in depth, may be the focus of your attention for example love >

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