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this section about Shanghai dragon when the polymerization effect of small and medium-sized knowledge points. What is the Shanghai dragon polymerization knowledge? Such formulations have not, for the elucidation of my personal point of view, this is my present. A little knowledge of Shanghai dragon polymerization is such a concept, is a large knowledge point layers after the split produces little knowledge, from the knowledge point are selected to carry out a meaning extension, or synonyms of different forms of expression. For example, there are many kinds of prostate disease, after the split, the patients with prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia, hypertrophy of the prostate and prostate cancer, but it can be split into prostatitis symptoms, prostatitis harm, prostatitis and so on. According to the first partition method, then we will further prostatitis symptom spin off, if we can pee symptoms as a knowledge point. According to the symptoms of pee we get a set of knowledge phrases, such as urine, urine weakness, dribbling, waiting, urinary urgency and frequency, urine bifurcation etc..

this way, knowledge depth refinement, then the different types and styles of the new writing, even if all can not achieve the original, will be able to split these small knowledge points to the maximum, and edited release, I have you, you have me have you good and I, you and I stronger.

spin off here, in fact can explain the concept I mentioned at the beginning of, these small knowledge points have the same knowledge points, that is the symptoms of prostatitis pee, with these little knowledge points into the title, we can make the medical network marketing copywriting. Maybe you want to say, only a few ah, wrote there? Oh, these things, you have to really want to write, write out. Even if we are from the little pee symptoms knowledge pick a less knowledge, we still can be unlimited, draw up the following questions: the urine is hypertrophy of the prostate urine do mischief? What is the relationship between prostate and urine do? Is prostate inflammation? What kind of urine do can be diagnosed prostate inflammation is a kind of urine? What disease? Urine do not cure? Urine do harm? Urine not associated with age? What will appear as symptoms of urinary urine do? Where is the root cause? What can judge the urine not sick?………… For example, can also with other small knowledge: cross, urinary endless and frequent urination and urine urine do? Wait for help. Urine do also bifurcation, and so on is how is it?. Can also be expressed by other statements in cases such as synonyms, synonyms: expression of urine urine do not finish, pee is not smooth, urinary obstruction, urine drop, dysuria, urinary tract and so on.

this is a knowledge system, this system need to establish good cooperation of division of labor and good execution. These little knowledge points at the semantic narrow, wrote a few years after it seems impossible to write, but if there are people who make professional guidance, there will be unlimited imagination, a small breakthrough points of knowledge is infinite number. These small points of knowledge integration, will rely on a strong team. For example, today arrangements >

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