Admin5 global in a few days finally grab qikoo cc

        just built a Chinese Website Business School (what domain name does not say, anyway, we will know what to do, not AD). Ha ha), see Figure Wang brother article on January to do 3000IP training articles, inspired. A careful analysis of my user groups, decided to go deep into the Admin5, and my site close to a user.

      come for several days, see all kinds of website operation experience, also learned a lot of things. See the article below, occasionally capricious, quickly put the open domain agent platform, I actually found out, has not been registered, so unexpected.         Admin5 global in a few days, finally grab our domain name. Oh, thanks to the information provided by king. Thanks to the author. The excitement, I again registered two domain 2008 got off to a good start. Oh, this want to write an article wrote, but today on the 30, wife urged me to go to the dinner on New Year’s Eve. Well, next time McCain registered cool experience.

cited content:
Qihoo low-key opening of the new domain name source: Sina Technology [small] collection of fonts: I want to contribute

Qihoo also announced that the original officially switched to a new domain name since January 31, 2008, each channel original under the domain name and related services (except will be transferred to the new qikoo domain name at the same time.

Qihoo LOGO web page has been replaced by our words, but the design style is still. Qihoo have been replaced by our search search. It is also worth noting that our new network from February onwards, the original Qihoo network experience channel will switch to the domain name.

The change of

Qihoo network domain name and website name, very low-key, simply issued a notice on the home page, did not give a specific reason.

previously Qihoo network said after the Spring Festival will be officially launched our main business, comics or animation content, the industry generally believe that our Qihoo will become independent sub channels, but this speculation has been overturned.

this article from: webmaster network ( detailed source reference: http://s.adm>

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