How to make the case sharing website user experience to achieve the ultimate

webmaster user point of view, he had when, as long as you recommend a brand and give it to him, do you recommend? We should stand in the different angles: 1, business perspective. 2 platform 3, the user’s point of view. Don’t stand in the perspective of the business, because all the competitors are standing in the perspective of the business, we mainly from the user point of view.



: my understanding is that they do not understand why the user is asked this question, then the user’s reason is when users buy tachograph in Taobao Jingdong on the very hesitant, afraid to buy fake, not afraid to buy the right goods, for fear of being so. Obviously, on the front page of the website does not solve the user inside the ridge, these sites did not solve the hidden needs of users, users want to buy a high quality and inexpensive. How to let users rest assured


2, the use of scientific methods and in multiple channels of


4, micro innovation on the basis of the original (we all do we use QQ instead of the original Tencent Oh, but Tencent only accepted the new minimally invasive).

is a good place to understand and analyze competitors do

tachograph several big brands are similar, why users still do not trust? There are several reasons 1, user expectations of the recorder is relatively high, even if the buy back is lost, 2 users at the early stage of Taobao Jingdong to buy things tend to cheap things we know are not necessarily used cheap too long 3, let you tell her what to buy, had told him many websites, because you do not have to let him believe you, because you did not solve the confusion in his heart (most people in Taobao to buy things not love, a few do not have the time) that we should do this

to ask tough questions: A, why should the user ask these 3 questions? What is the nature of B, asked the 3 questions? C, and the home has solved these problems, so why users will search

?We all know that

Hello, I am very happy to share the driftwood, something! We will talk about the user experience, when we get a target keywords, to make it home, we have to do 4 points (the first core to speak out, then in the next case, with a case of:1 decomposition) and when we see a keyword to find its core needs


then I became a little bit of analysis, to find out the core needs, then we should keep asking questions, ask general questions, we must have the reverse thinking, and everyone (not against, as long as it is beneficial to users and search engines, timely in the short term we have hurt the interests, difficult to we still have to choose this road is not smooth and had to miss the point the way to go. Because the end result is conducive to our.

so we have to tachograph to case analysis: we search the tachograph, we will find that the users are the 4 problems,

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