Zhang Qin Shop method promotion

shop promotion I have done almost half a year. There are some small experience, today to share with you. First of all, I think do shop promotion. Product positioning is very important. Have a unique product. Quality is more important than anything else. Followed by shop decoration. Good decoration is your authority. The other is service. Customer service professional. Service in place. Good service can win reputation. The most important one is the shop promotion. In fact, with the site to promote almost.

a, IM group promotion

IM suggests there is instant messaging promotion promotion. Products are mainly related groups have to promote. Do accurate flow effect is very good. Of course, the ads have to be innovative. QQ mass. QQ group. QQ group share upload, QQ group forum post. QQ private chat group. These are good, will certainly bring a lot of list.

two, soft Wen promotion (word of mouth marketing)

soft Wen promotion I think is the most popular way to promote a shop. Send to the forum. And then find the old account members of the forum to help you stick good results. You have to be soft enough article. More related forums. Can bring a lot of traffic. Online publicity is also very good word-of-mouth.

three, SEO promotion

Taobao shop before doing Baidu promotion can also, but now Baidu ban it. Taobao had to do to optimize the site to promote the customer. Method with website promotion no difference. The main content and the chain on OK, here is not much to say.

four, the promotion of the shop itself

with the help of a good C2C site to do shop. Such as Taobao, yes, pat. It’s all good. B2C mall to do the domestic C2C site has its own official shop. This increases your own publicity channels. Also increased the exposure of the product. C2C shop to do the main activities of the. This product exposure is very good. Spike Juhuasuan. But Taobao is charging now. There is a pat on the characteristics of the product characteristics of the seller may be recommended to you.

five, bidding promotion

do promotion I think as long as you have a good product. Product profit can. Do Baidu bidding and Taobao train is ok. Appropriate input is necessary. Of course, it is important to do bidding data analysis. You have to calculate the conversion rate. Loss rate. Wait。 Constantly analyze the data, and constantly adjust your bidding strategy. To get the maximum benefit from spending the least money.

six, distribution promotion

personally think do shop business, do the main should be distribution. If you can act as a good product. Or have their own unique product distribution is definitely a good choice. And then combined with Taobao guest. Let more Taobao group you propaganda words. Business will be better and better.

I wish you shop business better and better. If >

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