E commerce outsourcing is the network marketing market demand

network marketing has become the inevitable choice of enterprise marketing, how to carry out e-commerce network marketing and achieve the ideal network marketing effect has become the focus of attention of the enterprise. According to the characteristics of network marketing and IT based business process, put forward the concept of network marketing outsourcing model, and constraints on the popularization and application of the necessity, existing network marketing outsourcing mode and the application of value analysis, for enterprises to develop Internet marketing to explore a simple and effective way.

in recent years, e-commerce as an emerging industry in China is developing rapidly, which led to the development of e-commerce service industry, mainly used as e-commerce services network marketing enterprises pay more and more attention. At present, the domestic research literature about network marketing e-commerce outsourcing mode is very few, only Shanghai will sell e-commerce development limited company president Huang Xiangru proposed the enterprise e-commerce outsourcing "very 6+1" service mode and "enterprise e-commerce solutions"; the network marketing and e-commerce outsourcing model formulation has just appeared in some insiders blog articles, but these articles are not discussed in-depth blog. Huang Xiangru began to engage in e-commerce businesses as early as 2005, research and application methods of network marketing in small and medium-sized enterprises and strategies, Huang Xiangru is also the first Chinese by the media as the e-commerce marketing expert practitioners. Some companies raised a similar point of view, such as the electronic commerce concept wecoo proposed, but has not yet formed a hot application. Most of the companies in the electronic commerce in services (such as: first, the business school business, rich business, and, with arms, rushed to Weibo PowerEasy and so on), mainly to provide outsourcing services based on the construction site, such as domain name services, hosting services, e-mail and website construction of ASP model and SAAS model; in the field of network marketing, there are a number of companies (such as the single kernel, cattle business, Tong Wang and Feng Yingjie, dragon, dragon net net circle circle, wolf and so on) using a variety of independent tools, such as network marketing training, website optimization, search engine marketing, online advertising, email marketing, e-commerce outsourcing mode have become the main form of service. And (Xingchang XinDa, bizark technology, easy to accumulate, Wuzhou online, Shanghai LUNYUAN etc.) these under the e-commerce outsourcing banner, in fact most of the stem is the Taobao shop hosting things. In short, in addition to Shanghai will sell e-commerce company, theoretical research and industrial application China network marketing and e-commerce outsourcing have not yet formed a complete system, but the network marketing e-commerce outsourcing market demand has emerged.

The concept of

network marketing outsourcing model

from Mccarthy’s 4P marketing theory "(Product), namely the product price (Price), channel (Place) and promotion (Promotion)" to lauteborn the 4C theory of "consumer (Consumer), cost (Cost), convenience (Convenience) and communication (Co>

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