Chen ou and big V saliva spray again fierce also can not conceal the beauty of the electricity suppl

the evening of August 4th, micro-blog [email protected] "left hand" issued a "left hand to teach you to identify online shopping trap" of Naga Emihiro, in addition to recommend a darling cosmetics, but also specifically mentioned in the cross-border electricity dragons and fishes jumbled together in a news report, citing the screenshot display, "XX was really fake with superior products a reporter asked a dozen times to sell, can not be connected".

in the news pictures, XX "XX" is hit the mosaic, but everything is in fact completely bared there and then.


after 50 minutes, CEO Chen Ou in micro-blog issued a document called "back how much did you pay? Help darling to black us? S cheap cosmetics than the three, the United States is cheap fake? When this destructive V credibility is

?"The reason

Chen ou will be offended, because of the "fake" topic, once again touched a sensitive nerve of This cosmetics sale website last year by the media broke the fake problem. After that,’s share price plummeted, consumer confidence in the entire cosmetics electricity supplier industry also fell to the bottom.

electricity supplier turnover increased year after year, channels and supply problems of beauty products has always been the industry worries. Cross border beauty electricity supplier picking way is nothing more than two kinds, the first is sent directly in the foreign goods sent to the home, this method is more expensive; the second is to get brand authorization, this way is more economical. The brand licensing has become a focus of attention to avoid cross-border electricity supplier industry chain. At present, there are two kinds of beauty fakes, one is shoddy, another is no brands authorized. The latter proportion is more, that is, the electricity supplier platform is not authorized smuggling, or from other channels to purchase sales to consumers. When the business platform open third party sellers, how to ensure the third party seller of products sold by genuine qualifications, still lack the way. has on the beauty business scale adjustment, choose to close third party seller business, to the total import mode, in order to avoid the fake and shoddy goods appear. However, these practices will undoubtedly increase the operating costs, the future with the increase in the category of goods, its operating costs will be further increased. At the same time, in the course of the development of the commodity category will encounter no small financial pressure.

previously, and darling are important layout in the Korean cosmetics market, and have accused each other of South Korean cosmetics brand official authorization. The Chen ou and left hand a few slobber war, is embodied in the current electricity supplier beauty sitzkrieg.

in order to compete for the market, the electricity supplier giants have started the beauty electricity supplier for war, the development of space and great potential Chinese cosmetics market expansion, beauty electricity supplier who spare no effort to take cities and seize territory. In addition to the traditional electricity supplier giant Tmall international Jingdong, the global purchase integrated platform of cross-border electricity supplier, including ocean terminals and other emerging cross-border business on the field of beauty has been involved, but this kind of goods, there is a big coincidence in the brand. >

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