Grab merchant wars upgrade beautiful said mogujie com have commission free

news July 15th, at the end of June after announced a high-profile merchant commission free policy, said the beautiful days before also announced the implementation of free commission policy for businesses. The two have been "concomitant" women electricity supplier in terms of the investment competition began to upgrade.


billion state power network to understand, said the beautiful days before the news release, the official start of the implementation of free commission policy from July 1st this year, covering all businesses. Prior to this, the beauty of the commission charged to merchants for the transaction amount of 5%. The beautiful mountain is expected to say that business operations director, commission free spending will bring in 500 million yuan.

at the end of last month, announced in the second half of a meeting, for all businesses to implement zero commission policy, and open the whole category of investment.

public information, as of 2014, November, the number of merchants said the platform has reached 1.6 beautiful, the average customer price of more than $eleven during the double period of more than 300 yuan. The villagers had been introduced in the Ebang cross-border e-commerce summit, 2014 beautiful platform transactions amounted to 5 billion 600 million yuan, the 2015 target is 15 billion yuan.

, according to data released by, as of the end of 2014, the number of its platform businesses more than 6000, the total turnover of nearly $3 billion 600 million, far less than the beautiful said the data released. And in June of this year, CEO June released an internal letter, said good performance, platform sales and other data far more than competitors.

, according to multi data, the platform has exceeded twice daily sales of major competitors, while our team is only half the number of the other side. By the end of this year, I hope the whole platform can impact (non active day) single day sales of 100 million yuan." Although June did not specify who is the competition, but and the beauty of the debate in the industry has been recognized fact. Two persons who were unable to determine.

however, another noteworthy fact is that to clearly Street mobile platform a variety of high-profile promotion this year, in the beautiful said, have launched free commission policy under the background of "willful" announced an increase in commission ratio, the general category merchant commission ratio will rise to 10%, while the gold sellers and silver sellers commission ratio will rise to 6.5% and 8% respectively.

plainly street and beautiful said, actually has a lot of common. Are shopping guide origin, are mainly for women, customer price are low. Three pink series electricity supplier in the future competition situation, but also a major aspect.

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