Uncover the mystery of the nternet to make money and insider

network to make money by people referred to as Wangzhuan, is through the use of network to get paid, roughly divided into the following categories:

a group of people: mainly by working for others to make money, such as when the network management, customer service, etc..

two categories of people: webmaster group. Mainly engaged in their own operating stations, including garbage stations, product stations, industry stations, portals, enterprise stations, etc..

1 some friends directly into the ranks of the webmaster, began to do stand. Start the dumpster, but do not know how profitable? So to learn master practice, slowly stepped in the ranks of webmaster, every day on SEO, busy awfully;

2 webmaster to do a long time, accumulated a lot of experience, more familiar with the industry after the start of some products to sell some products to make a profit;

3 old webmaster began to do industry station, regular station and so on and develop.

garbage station and advertising alliance to deal with access to advertising costs; product sales by selling products to get the difference; industry stations, portals and so on by value-added services to obtain profits.

three groups of people: mixed crowd. This group includes a wide range of analysis.

1, pull down group. This group is in another circle.

One of

groups to their own forces, engage in their own one or more products, after careful investigation of the market after a planning scheme, such as track, track matrix or matrix together with the schedule and so on, will change the pattern of the system design is very user-friendly, the purpose is to attract the individual group of friends to join in. More people in the trader’s profit is higher, profits do exist, some time will close, back into the Bureau of the population are victims of

2) as well as the majority of the crowd every day to follow suit, where the project is attractive to where to run.

this kind of crowd, seize the opportunity to earn some money, go back to the basic is to spend money to understand. So the network does not stop with the collapse and opening of the phenomenon, if the trader who earn money, is not going to open the disc, but some loophole in the system to obtain profits is not ideal and ahead of the game.

2, do direct marketing crowd.

the head of this group have their own basic chat rooms, organize daily sales of the elite to share experiences, to attract outsiders to join in, listen to the successful experience of the day, the temptation of the people will be affected by the subtle, so the direct sales team to join. Direct state is allowed, as long as you can make money from, kiss Xingmin not too much evaluation.

3, not only to do the station is not a special professional webmaster, relying on the site to get paid for this terminal group.

most of this group of people around the network in a number of well-known people such as the king and other friends around. The following focuses on this group because of this

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