Electricity providers to build their own logistics or welcome inflection point after the declaration

after the Jingdong last year to open the third party after the self built logistics, VANCL self built distribution company wind up making similar moves. The industry believes that, although the dispute about the electricity supplier self built logistics has never stopped, but the social inflection point is clearly on the open.

wind up executive general manager Deng Bin yesterday (July 29th) told the "daily economic news" reporter, wind up has been low-key divestiture is completed and all passengers, open an independent third party logistics transformation, and has been in the beginning of this year to achieve profitability.

"where is the Party of the first part of our customers." Deng Bin yesterday described the wind up and customer relationship right now.

Deng Bin told reporters, in fact, since September 2011, wind up began to prepare for the opening up of the logistics, stripping and transformation, and after 2 years of time, wind up has expanded by 40%, the average daily volume of up to 200 thousand single single, single day peak exceeded 400 thousand. Deng Bin said, as the same as the actual distribution of the same line of business B2C price is lower than the three pass one is also low.

in 2011 has been aware that if not bigger and stronger, will be eaten, or die." Deng Bin said that if only one parent who rely on visitors, not only difficult to expand, "one, the risk of loss" is difficult to control.

Deng Bin pointed out that in 2011 the wind was decided to open up the logistics to prepare for the transition, where the customer is very influential, only where the customer order has been busy. But by the time the past two years where the customer orders shrink, the wind was already off.

Deng Bin said that the electricity supplier self logistics socialization "is represent the general trend, the future is very difficult to produce large electricity supplier self logistics, is the most significant express changes in the market for nearly a year, EMS, SF has started to participate in the distribution of electricity supplier competition, this means that the electric distribution links high, medium and low-end product line have enough choices. At the same time, Deng Bin told reporters after the opening of the logistics distribution costs compared to self logistics decreased by about 20%.

Deng Bin believes that the electricity supplier self logistics has been the "enclosure" era, and many electricity providers have "food", and "burn" is a self built logistics business, to self logistics will inevitably increase the risk.

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