South Korean electricity supplier to play red net signed red ware MUNMU

July 28th news, recently, the electricity supplier and MUNMU Inc. (South Korea) signed a cooperation agreement, the two sides agreed through its own funds or funds respectively to 55% and 45% of the proportion of investment to set up a subsidiary and the antarctic.

according to the cooperation agreement, the new company will have exclusive MUNMU all of Inc.’s network of artists in the territory of the red, China publicity, promotion, brokerage, business cooperation, brand building, brand retail and all personal rights, and exclusive Asian beauty queen PONY in Chinese (including Hong Kong Macao and Taiwan area) of all commercial activities including but not limited to the fans economy realized, endorsements, performing brokerage business activities, etc..

billion state power network learned that South Korea’s MUNMU Inc. has rich network resources and red artists, such as Pony, Jin Zaien, Vivian, planning and production capacity with high quality pictures, writing, photography, audio and video products, network video content, and network and red clothing, daily necessities, cosmetics artist other goods realizable design capacity.

‘s net red PONY is South Korea’s leading beauty queen, the makeup to create both practical, fashion and simplicity, wide audience. Pony a total of about 4000000 fans on Youtube and Instagram, and in March 2016 opened a Sina micro-blog, currently has more than 180 fans.

it is understood that the Antarctic electricity supplier as "Earth people know" thermal underwear brand "nanjiren", in 2015 renamed the Antarctic electricity supplier, backdoor Xinmin technology landing small plates. Statistics show that the main business of the Antarctic electricity supplier to provide a brand licensing services to tens of millions of small and micro electricity providers and suppliers, electricity supplier ecological integrated services, flexible supply chain park services, and business sales of goods.

the electricity supplier’s latest earnings report showed that in 2016 a quarter of the company’s operating income of about 42 million 578 thousand yuan, up 28.6% over the previous year, of which attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of about 14 million 312 thousand and 700 yuan, up 267.12% over the previous year.

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