Kara denied by the third party payment from a bank or open competition

due to the rapid development of the third party payment after obtaining the license, the bank and the relationship between the third party payment companies have also undergone a subtle change.

May 10th, Lacarra chairman Sun Taoran said in an interview: "we work with banks this year is more and more closely, more closely, more and more large scale."

but the bank doesn’t seem to think so. Lacarra chairman speech did not fall, in May 13th, there was news that lakala or by ICBC ban". When a customer in succession in the Kara terminal reaction, convenience store, bank debit card interbank credit card payment operation failed. In addition to Kara, there is news that engaged in mobile phone payment purse treasure in the bank debit card payments, also appeared in the same issue.

said Kara system upgrade

In May 14th the micro-blog

Kara said: "yesterday customer service sister received more than 30 thousand phone call today even more. Hand has severe cramps, all ICBC debit card repayment failure." Since then, Zhang said that the situation has been reflected in the cup. It is reported that in the repayment of credit card business transfer card, ICBC accounted for about 30%, thus affecting the user about 150 thousand people every day.

this is the bank and third party payment companies appear open crack, and continued until May 18th. In this regard, the parties have responded in addition to Kara, UnionPay and ICBC have remained silent. A number of other banks and third party payment companies who also deny it.

May 21st, Sun Taoran in an interview with the daily economic news reporter, said: there is no ‘ban’ this argument. Cross bank repayment business process is complex, involving a wide range. A few days ago due to the reasons for the upgrading of the system can not be part of the normal use of the bank card, the problem appears after our efforts to solve the problem."

earlier media reports said the incident was due to violation of ICBC head office Kara and cut off its payment channel. The news, credit card payments, Kara is disguised as a cooperative company POS machine business. Customer repayment is pretending to do a consumer payment, but did not get any physical goods. Then according to the amount of lakala on behalf of the customer, the money paid to the credit card issuing bank for repayment. In fact, the cup is still the system, how much or how much money from the bank charges, the bank did not yield.

for this argument, Sun Taoran denied, and retorted: This is a financial man who did not understand it, the industry is a false message to see. Our repayment is by bank card transfer, rather than disguised transactions. Fee is divided into 7:2:1 in accordance with the provisions of the central bank, issuing bank accounted for 7, we accounted for 2, UnionPay accounted for 1."

in addition, as far as there are still people believe that the big line of debit card money returned to some small bank credit card money, will result in the loss of large deposits increased problem. A >

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