Consumers Association Double 11 days no reason to return the success rate of 96 7% 8 into the first

eleven has passed in January much of the time, believe that the majority of buyers have received the goods even win return service.

today, the Consumers Association announced the double 11 online shopping goods after-sales service experience.

experience results show that in seven days no reason to return, the return of the application of the 184 models, the successful return of the 178 models, the success rate of return of 96.7%. From the results of this experience, the main electricity supplier platform seven days no reason to return the provisions of the implementation of good.

it is reported that in the "double 11" online shopping experience survey during the event, China Association experience staff from 12 online shopping platform bought marked discount efforts is relatively large, relatively large sales volume of 184 items (including 26 pre-sale), and the seven days no reason to return, logistics delivery, Invoice Service experience.

logistics delivery, 184 items, first weeks of arrival of goods 151, accounting for 82.1%; second weeks of arrival of goods 32, accounting for 17.4%, mainly for the payment of pre-sale for third weeks; the arrival of goods 1, but already the latest express delivery time is December 12th.

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