Tmall double 11 left Taobao double 12 again

morning news (reporter Han Yuanjia) this year "double 11" gains 35 billion yuan record, let the Alibaba group’s Tmall pocketed the money and face. The upcoming "double 12", so that the 7 million Taobao sellers to find the characteristics of the marketing arena. The use of big data, Taobao 12· 12 will be more interesting and fun to attract consumers by the new way of playing, and Taobao and Tmall also found a clear position in the game gradually.

began in 2011 Taobao 12· 12 propaganda strategy in recent years, changing. 2011, Taobao announced, 12· 12 attracted the same day the consumption of 120 million users, and received a sales of $4 billion 380 million. But from the beginning of 2012, sales figures began to be diluted by Taobao, Taobao time machine, etc. to narrow the distance between consumers, more humane marketing tool became the theme of the year. This year, this trend is further expanded. Zhang Yu, President of Taobao, said in 2013, Taobao 12· 12 theme is universal Taobao, the starting point is to hope that more small sellers in Taobao found its own potential development space. The use of big data, Taobao will be based on different needs of the population, divided into more than and 200 shopping scenarios, while shopping will be launched in all aspects of the shopping forecast, will launch a shopping cart cruise and other marketing activities.

it is worth noting that Taobao bred from Tmall to create a high point of consumption, "double eleven" is a well-known artificial festival. November 11, 2011, Taobao whole network sales reached 5 billion 200 million yuan, of which Tmall accounted for $3 billion 360 million in November 11, 2012, Taobao and Tmall have created a total sales of $19 billion 100 million, Tmall contributed $13 billion 200 million. This year’s "double 11", the statistics of 35 billion 19 million yuan has become "in 2013 11 Alipay Tmall double turnover."

"Taobao Tmall cash flow contribution, harvest" business model can let small sellers get real growth? In this regard, President Zhang Yu said, "double 11" transactions, "double 12" is more sellers to find a way to survive in the platform. Tmall is grown from Taobao, Taobao and Tmall should not be separated.

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