The key is whether you are novice Wangzhuan action

many beginner in the golden Wangzhuan forum complaining of which will not will not, in fact a lot of friends reflect their hands-on ability, the fundamental reason is not formed to operate the habit, you know at any time to try some of the basic operations of our new benefits only, no harm. Regular operation can increase self-confidence, can enhance the ability to judge right and wrong, but also to deepen understanding. Novice in stereotypes it is impossible to know the feasibility of the project project which can make money, the operation can be found over the problems, if not, only hearsay, only experienced things have a final say.

red Wangzhuan every day some members will also go to the QQ space to play, can be said to be compulsory. QQ farm has not used what plug-in, spend a little time to keep QQ and rest, stealing food is innocent, everyone have not the habit of stealing food stealing food stealing, see. But playing on the parking lot on the rules, and most people do not stick to do things like reporting and reporting. High level master more sensible, mutual tacit agreement, they will not go to sabotage, but also occasionally appear some unruly people, but will eventually become mature.

For example, many people use the

plug-in, I do not want to touch, but since the existence of the plug-in, we are not unfamiliar, have to use it, otherwise the exchange when not get it, also has not used the plug-in regret, because anything there is reasonable! Many friends do Wangzhuan even some QQ special features do not know, so we can not be less a Wangzhuan communication tool we must study thoroughly, because it can improve the efficiency of our work. So, I also tried to get a new QQ, I use the purpose of the plug-in is to understand that the end of the experiment to delete.

QQ space secretary is also the same, even if they do not usually use, but be sure to download a try, the more the operation, the broader the train of thought, the richer the experience. Do not understand the registered union to register a union advertising to try again; do not understand the swap chain went to register an exchange alliance, put the code into your own blog or station to operate. Many people do not understand how the flow of storage and release of traffic, explained a long time also do not understand, but as long as the move once without explanation.

we usually start with, can not earn much money, when the right hand. It needs time to go to the operation not much time wasted, I believe in their days and months multiplying, hands-on ability not confident people will be less and less, the quality of Internet users will gradually increase. Finally, if you are beginner want to learn more knowledge to the team can Wangzhuan, under the banner of the Forum:, novice can see online video tutorial above is very helpful in understanding the wangzhuan.

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