Good shop style for customers to linger

shop style, that is a popular personality, like a person, love what kind of hairstyle, dress up, wear what love styles of clothes and shoes, and even talk, behavior in others to complex information, these information give the impression of good or bad impression. The impression of your store in the customer’s mind, like the first time you meet a stranger, the beginning of the three to ten seconds to meet, you can form the original love or hate impression.

this point, we have a consensus, but also have been aware of the importance of shop decoration, but the problem is that the vast majority of sellers are ready to use the template, or spend money to decorate the design staff. The result is that we now see it, the same, each store can be said is very beautiful, but can be impressive, linger, scanty. Just like wedding photography is using a fixed template.

so, millet said shop style, not decoration two words can be solved, but with the help of the decoration to achieve. Well, before the renovation, the most important thing is planning, said a simple point is thinking.

has a personality shop style basically from these aspects to reflect:

a shop LOGO – logo


logo is essential for any one to have the development of organizations, large countries, small to our shop, all need to sign, it is like your signature, where are the others can not be replaced, so it is also a kind of power, you and your shop closely tied together, let a person easy to remember.

logo design includes color, shape, culture. These aspects are related to each other and cannot be separated from each other.

example: you do sports apparel, sports shoes and other sports products, must consider the dynamic factors, the style is not rigid, rule, color can not be too dim, culture and health, passion, happy spirit of unity of elements.

so, you can choose from red, yellow, blue, orange and other bright, vibrant colors in the mix, the general election of one or three colors can be more visual chaos. On the other, can carry out material from the movement of the human body shape, sports equipment, wind, water and other animal totem and so on, but it is best to combine their names, let people easily recognize your shop, this would not have force.

we do is the most beautiful jade jade stone, jade color is green, jade has a profound cultural foundation in China, and people’s pursuit of fortune in the traditional culture are inseparable, so we also choose green and red as the main color. At the same time, the jade culture is not limited to a level of traditional culture, modern, noble personality, publicity, these elements will be merged into it, so we chose the metal gray, but this is not the mainstream, so it is an understatement.


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