The latest network to make money sharing

: the network promotion of the new era, the formation of ad networks, combined with the network awareness of Internet users, advertisers joint promotion resources to achieve complementary win-win network marketing. To the rich, time, space, human resources, is the biggest advantage of the network, so long as has the correct way to access the Internet, reasonable investment consciousness, selection method of wise, you earn money on the Internet to get rich quick, has become a possibility.

favorite people like to eat crab. 21CN belongs to the modern information era, if not to make money online, I personally think that is equivalent to the blind, can not find the direction in the bright sky.

because many computer users lack of knowledge, affected by the bad social phenomenon in the modern pyramid schemes, a similar tendency, immediately in the mind of kill; there are also some people do not know much about the network, but by the temptation to eat a little loss; of course, most money also belongs to those first to eat grapes man: hao123 was acquired by Baidu for $8 million, for we had blown network promotion horn; Baidu goole, a series of large advertising companies to give us a good example.

way to make money online:

1.CPC (Cost Per Click; Cost Thousand Click-Through) cost per click


2.CPM (Cost Per Mille, or Cost Per Thousand; Cost Per Impressions) per thousand impressions cost

3.CPL (Cost Per Leads): to collect the list of potential customers to charge

4.CPS (Cost Per Sales): the number of actual sales of products to convert the amount of advertising published

5.CPA (Cost Per Action) cost per action

6.CPR (Cost Per Response) cost per response

7.CPP (Cost Per Purchase) cost per purchase

8.PPC advertising based on the number of clicks on advertising or e-mail information to pay for an online advertising pricing model

9.PPS advertising based on the number of direct sales of online advertising and pay a pricing model

10 monthly advertising website is in accordance with the "how much money a month this fixed fee model to charge


so it’s possible to make money online.

remind you not to blindly investment, investment must be rational!

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