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note: in recent years, Taobao has been trying to graft with the traditional media, but the road is not easy to explore. (TechWeb with


[IT] happy news from the establishment of Sohu of Taobao and Hunan satellite TV, to establish the "Taobao world" and Zhejiang newspaper group, to establish the number of China Taobao, with China over the past two years, Taobao has been experimenting with traditional media grafting, explore new areas. However, the exploration of the road is not smooth, the number of Chinese from the acquisition of China Taobao, Taobao and Taobao in the happy world, Taobao still face a different concept from the television media the impact of peace, at present, Hunan satellite TV has been seeking to sell a 22% stake to "fade out" happy Taobao. Relevant experts believe that Taobao’s error is normal, the expansion must pay tuition.

Hunan TV "fade out" happy Taobao

December 2009, Taobao and Hunan TV announced cooperation in the formation of "happy Taobao", then the two sides in the Hunan TV "happy Taobao" program, and the development of "happy Taobao" sub channel area and independent website "Hi Tao nets in Taobao online". At that time, this case has also been Alibaba and Hunan TV talked about creating a new business model of e-commerce combined with television media".

at that time, in the joint venture happy Taobao, Hunan satellite TV accounted for 51% of the shares, while Taobao accounted for about 22% of the shares.

and less than two years later, occupy the controlling status of Hunan satellite TV is to sell the stake in Taobao downplayed its role in happiness. November 18th, Hunan radio and television issued a notice of equity transfer. According to the announcement, Hunan radio and television public transfer of 22% stake, the price of RMB 25 million 357 thousand yuan.

at the same time, according to the announcement information, Hunan radio and television also provides the intention of the transferee conditions: 1, intention of the transferee shall be registered Chinese domestic e-commerce platform company, should bear civil liability; 2, the intention of the transferee or its controlling shareholder holdings (holding shares in more than 50% professional companies have to pay) get the people’s Bank of China third party payment license; the intention of the transferee’s main e-commerce time in 3 years (including 3 years) above; 4, the intention of the transferee must be pure domestic enterprises, excluding foreign components; other conditions of the laws and regulations stipulated."


has not yet been settled equity transfer of information disclosure, but people familiar with the deal said, Taobao acquired the 22% stake has been basically established, because these meet the above conditions and preferential subscription rights clearly only Taobao. According to another query, although investment holding group Alibaba with a foreign background, and pleasure to participate in Taobao investment Zhejiang Taobao Network Limited registered capital of 50 million yuan, shall be a domestic company.

as to why Hunan satellite TV sold its joint venture

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