Talk about the past experience and lessons of grassroots webmaster

if three or four years ago, do the site and promotion service is very profitable. I often hear friends around this statement. In fact, many times, the more intense competition in an industry, indicating that the industry is more promising, but you did not find the right way. I share the experience with single over the past year a grassroots webmaster, when the right to initiate.

a, single channel

The author provides

service in a SEO two or three line of the city, and a studio with partner establishment, leisure orders to earn a little money. The author believes that the two or three lines of the main channels are listed in the following aspects: two.

1, contacts

author studio 80% and the promotion of the business are acquaintances introduced. In the establishment and maintenance of contacts in this regard, I did not deliberately pursue. Just let the side of the friends know that the author is to do stand and provide network marketing service, so, once a friend around the relevant needs, immediately think of is me.

secondly, the service company and their own studio old customers. If the author had previously served a car parking lock products customers, six months later, the parking lock manufacturers feel that the author’s service can still, for the enterprise to create a profit. The boss has a friend around the station or promotion needs, the first will contact the author.

in the maintenance of customers, I believe that in addition to providing customers with high quality services, the customer’s various problems, to be patient. Most of the time, you will be able to solve a small problem for the customer, the customer will be grateful that you are sincere and reliable. If the author of the car parking spaces to lock customers, one after another, the author here to do three sites.

2, platform

individual or small team orders, certainly need a platform. Some people like to go to Taobao, but I am good at it or through the search engine orders. Here, the author emphasizes 2 points, the first is the studio website keyword selection as far as possible to do "area + website optimization" or network promotion and network marketing words. The second is to try to provide the team’s success stories, to enhance the ability of customers to the studio credit.

two, experience and lessons learned

in early 2012, the author received a private list, the key words is parking facilities, transportation facilities and parking lock. This list is recommended by the old customers, had thought that he can make use of spare time to do a single money, suddenly felt his future life clear up. Since the first single, no experience, the author did not sign a contract with the customer, just eat a meal together, signed an oral agreement.

in the first half of 2012, do the optimization of the enterprise station is better to do. Three months later, the car parking lock, lock and other words on the top five, but a single transport facilities are always ranked in the second page. I worked hard for a month, just do it. But the customer is too long, in the process of optimization

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