Discussion on how to make Taobao store sells goods

In the Taobao

shop promotion strategy, I always hold the view that shops should adopt "shop promotion strategy to point", the so-called "point" is the individual commodity, which is to create individual selling merchandise to promote store sales, which almost all the shops are on trial, especially in the search for the default category now Taobao popularity when searching for a shop without some hot commodity hardly what business sentiment.

sells goods is so important, maybe some people will say it is difficult to make, especially some of the new stores will say our shop was not what those large traffic flow, just on a commodity will sell well. Personally feel that some of their innate advantages of large stores, but also have the opportunity to store, because hot commodity production is not more than the big stores untraceable, just on a commodity can become hot commodities.

to the shop sells goods, first of all to do several hot commodities: heart hot commodity is used to run, so its price must not be too high, you should feel lucky not to lose money, earn a few dollars that the best single, but you must remember that this is a low amount of running, do don’t feel every earn too little and raise prices. The other is the selling merchandise quality must be guaranteed, the poor quality of the commodity prices will not heat up.

of hot commodities heart a clear understanding, here is the specific operation, the first selection of goods, goods for the selection of distinctive Taobao sell less natural best, but most of the shops are not the seller of the goods, so what to do? Think another reference standard is "new style, at the time is popular, good quality and low price", how to look at the style and fashion trends, we actually go to the Taobao hot popular commodity there to see, find themselves in store if there are several styles and selling merchandise styles similar, then use the right, good quality and low price in this would not have much to say.

chose the goods, the next focus is to optimize the commodity Taobao. Selling goods in the Taobao store optimization principle is: to increase the attractiveness of goods and the maximum exposure rate of


how to maximize the attractiveness of goods: 1, the description of the goods, as far as possible to introduce the product features, such as clothing materials, he brought people how comfortable life, let customers have a good association. Basic components: product information, product images, purchase records, buyers experience, related products, terms. 2, the comparison of the goods, if the face of the market is more popular products take their products out to do contrast, there are mainly on the price, but also on the function, to enlarge their own strengths, weakening the advantages of the opponent. 3, commodity sales promotion, for example, buy send package mail, send such activities need to be marked on the product interface and title. 4, the risk of product commitments, such as skin care products invalid refund, clothing class 7 days unconditional refund, mobile phone payment, etc..

how to maximize the exposure of goods, this is reflected in the following

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