Electricity supplier and the media to play a good marriage Ma channel channel

Ali CEO Zhang Yong at the 16 annual meeting of Tmall global business conference stressed that Ali’s three pass system will provide more services to businesses. Business platform carrying countless businesses, customers, three new service will contain the user’s preferences and behavior path for each user, and classify groups were given different recommendation to enhance the user’s satisfaction. After Zhang Yong proposed a "pass", the use of the advantages of the platform will be Ali electricity providers and media connected by tracing the user behavior, user interest label, this push commodity purchase success rate will be higher. If this project is completed, will bring unexpected results to the user, the platform.


well-known Ali in the past few years has been optimized in the network layout, Youku, Sina Group acquired micro-blog, the South China Morning Post, investment, 36 mobile phone Meizu krypton, first financial shares and Suning, plus a UC browser based products, it is in the media platform for a great proportion of resources. The use of the media and the electricity supplier, the intention of using a large user stream to carry out deep user mining, which has been in front of other platforms, but also can not be imitated. Ali resource integration, using the Internet platform between the user placed in an online service, Ali directly through the thread to obtain the user information to potential marketing, its deep value came out. Not to mention Ali is a very sensitive to the data of enterprises, technical strength is also there, early start construction layout and deep in the big data platform and based on cloud cloud computing, Ali will help in the technology of Internet platform.

I think the interface of this platform, the platform is the main media of information platform, but the integration of the crooked building, Jmedia, noon, beauty, Moore five brand column, make several platforms to achieve interoperability, resource sharing is a good interpretation of the truth. But for Alibaba such a large platform, Ali, a lot of resources, how to realize the effective combination of resources, will be a good platform for the use, change the user flow business flow is a large platform has been committed to the direction, such as Baidu and Tencent, in the user’s operation there is great potential for mining.

Ali as China Internet giants, in the past ten years in the creation of new platform to consolidate resources, involving many industries, and in a few days before the Yabuli forum, Ma stressed that Ali is the future community rather than social, see Alipay’s operation line can also be seen, ferreting out potential the user is active, a possible follow-up to financial services, on the other hand, the possibility of using Ali cloud platform users will be locked together, set up a new assessment and identification of ID, data for each user’s consumption ability, personal preferences, the current state of the user after that label through electronic business platform for users to push accurate product. Therefore, the ultimate goal is to identify the electronic business platform for businesses to provide better service. Once user >

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