Why the media dream of investment in the future direction of investment in the future of the tiger s

since October 31st last year, with the first Chinese media incubator concept debut, DreamWorks Zhejiang daily media group moves frequently. As of June 19th this year, there have been more than a dozen team plans to enter the first phase of the media dream camp training camp. Previously, the investment in the tiger sniffing the network so that the media dream factory once again aroused the concern of the industry. Why do you want to invest in this kind of network media tiger sniffing the direction of future investment in July 26th, the state capital reporter interviewed to attend the innovation of China’s 2012 fashion finals of the media DreamWorks CEO Jiang pure.

Entrepreneurship: why does the media dream factory invest tiger sniffing network? How to look at the development trend and profit model of this kind of original website?

Jiang pure: if the tiger sniffing the network in terms of investment need our help, we will go to help. The slogan of our media DreamWorks is committed to serving the Chinese media innovation and entrepreneurship, we believe that the tiger sniffing such entrepreneurs are in line with our goals, so we voted. A tiger sniffing the profit model, I think for a media to be issued, the user first dishes, he has influence, to find a business model to make money a day, there would be no profit without this dish.

Entrepreneur: the end of July this year, some projects have been started in the media DreamWorks, 22 winning projects of new media entrepreneurship competition, which is the media DreamWorks


Jiang Chun: the contest 22 winning projects, some of which we have invested, and some of our partners to invest, and now are in a sensitive period, so it is not easy to say, has been talking about. Some projects are not in Hangzhou, such as the development of Beijing, we can not pull him to Hangzhou, this is meaningless. But Hangzhou has its own advantages, he is the capital of the electricity supplier, so that Hangzhou entrepreneurial environment here is still relatively good, we also welcome more entrepreneurs to come here.

entrepreneurial state: incubation base provides a lot of free training services to support the new media from the entrepreneurial competition in the winning projects. So, how long are you working on a project incubation time?

Jiang Qing: we have the time limit requirements, half a year or a specified period of time, but after hatching plans, the concept of a project is not a good definition of success. Is the success of the listing is still considered to be the success of mergers and acquisitions or his own to do a good job, or melt into the next round of investment success?. Our goal is to serve the media innovation and entrepreneurship, we must let him hatch he developed into a very good time, even if he is not in our incubator, if they need some resources, we can also provide.

entrepreneurial state: media DreamWorks in the media industry chain in the future direction of investment which is mainly


Jiang Chun: we will continue to follow the media industry chain to invest in the future, the specific direction of the investment is: content production, dissemination, advertising, management, electricity providers (advertising and electricity providers now more and more into one)

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