B2C e commerce website editor will do every day

1 product content added. Update a certain number of products every day.

2 website information column content added. Content to be edited and released.

3 home page updated once a day, such as recommended products, information and other updates.

4 exchange links with others at least once a week. In fact, there is time to do, but also can communicate with webmasters.

5 website promotion. Blog promotion and promotion. Many ways to promote their own to ponder it.

for e-commerce sites, the promotion of short-term effect is difficult to come out, we must adhere to one or two promotion model to do.

must have perseverance. Although the repeated want to kill, but there is no way to insist on.

6 plan at least one topic per month. It is recommended to start planning for the first two weeks of the festival.

7 every day after the boot site look at yesterday’s IP traffic. Record daily website.

8 every day to the webmaster information network and so on to see the latest information, in order to update the concept, not backward.

9 to improve the user experience, weekly or regular submission of personal recommendations on the site.

my company’s website is in the form of B2C (www.yubaoshi.com), is currently in its infancy, some time ago has just been revised, so everything is groping forward. This is what I have done and is doing in the B2C e-commerce website editor will do every day, there is a lack of welcome. Thank you!

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