Looking for spring flowers in vertical group buying


has been hot autumn in the 1000 groups of "major" also began to appear in the "depression" scene, the famous big group purchase network friends, where customers, Wo Wo Group, handle network, Groupon etc. have heard the news of layoffs. "The latest Navigation Authority group purchase group data show that as of the end of October, a nationwide 1483 group purchase site closed, in the fierce competition in the market exit accounted for the total number of group purchase, all the 25.8% operations group purchase website, group purchase network has been ahead of the winter".

how to get through the cold winter, become the last of the "left"; if in the fierce fighting group purchase Vietnam Yuecuoyueyong, become the "King", the network group purchase have resorted to all spells "". The author believes that the current most comprehensive network group purchase group purchase network, for many small and medium-sized enterprises, and in the fierce competition of the comprehensive network group purchase of the Red Sea to kill than in the vertical fight at outrance, group purchase website to develop its own blue ocean.

vertical network group purchase winter contrarian development

it is understood that the current large-scale integrated network group purchase group purchase products: catering, leisure and entertainment cover and contain everything delicacy, Turisthotellet, discount tickets, beauty salons, etc.. Although the business is very broad, but in fact, not Bo Bo, big and not strong. The same group purchase tourism products, large group purchase transactions often far below the professional tourism group purchase network; again the same large turnover of the group purchase group purchase cosmetics, often far less than the professional female group purchase network.

media reports, the first batch of China engaged in cosmetics vertical group purchase site 36 group, Mickey network respectively won ten million yuan level of investment, round Cheng net, where to go, Bibi Wang tourism group purchase website vertical have done fast, professional service station group A5 group purchase (tuan.admin5.com) also indicates that the vertical development trend. Group purchase has become the focus of a new round of development. In addition to professional vertical website, some comprehensive large group purchase websites have launched products such as vertical, vertical, 24 58 group purchase coupons, tick group, was also happy group purchase certain industries in consideration.

is a vertical network group purchase by any fast

from the consumer point of view, with the online shopping market matures, the majority of consumers online shopping concept of consumption, from the simple pursuit of low prices, and gradually transition to the high quality of goods and services. Vertical buy site specialization, differentiation, regionalization, personalized advantage, it is the best medicine to solve these problems.

From the perspective of

website: with the development of the Internet industry, in the automotive, tourism, clothing, cosmetics and other consumer areas have formed a large number of professional website, these websites not only has a huge user base, and user consumption demands clear, consumption ability, the website has a high degree of trust, the powerful user group, can be transformed into the motive force of the development of vertical group purchase website.

well-known marketing experts Ye Maozhong believes that vertical group buying will be a big deal in the future

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