Terrible millet millet phenomenon


recently, in the electronic commerce enterprises generally face the winter, there is a sell mobile phone business to be in full swing, not only to buy his mobile phone up with, and the number also don’t know what time can get the goods, so bullish business enterprise has not seen for many years the. He is not to create a year led by Lei Jun millet technology, a record sales day selling 100 thousand sets of millet open mobile phone business miracle, so many colleagues spent decades old brother feel envious.

speaking of millet mobile phone, if you don’t know the story behind it, you might just think that this is a high with cheap mobile phone only, but the fact is not so simple.

millet technology sponsor named Lei Jun, this person may be a lot of people are not familiar with, and the cooperation of the enterprises. But he had many of you are able to invest when he served as president for having heard it many times in the Jinshan, Ma Huateng and Ding Lei are his head; when he was six or seven years of work, please a fellow Hubei dinner, this is brother Zhou Hongyi came to Beijing to eat second meals; he invested in 20 companies, of which 17 to 18 will get VC investment, a total investment of more than $1 billion, including electricity and VANCL Amoy network such leader.

is such a in China called "capital Godfather" investors, but suddenly turned to its own industry, and plunged into the red to red mobile phone manufacturing Red Sea, as we all know, the mobile phone market competition cruel and tragic shape has no less than when the TV market, even the so-called "the mobile phone waveguide fighter" beaten fly fly, there is no more than one billion yuan of capital levels and the huge R & D team, I’m afraid others would not dare to think, but Lei Jun dare, and sleight of hand, did not spend their own money, put the millet to do, and the fast development of the industry so that the so-called: the original mobile phone can sell so terrified. This is the power of innovation, which is a typical representative of the way out. In a sense, millet can be said to be the apple in the domestic version, are the most common products to achieve the ultimate, but the success of millet and not only this, his success to the interpretation of what is called at the right time.

I first heard of millet is at the beginning of this year, only know that he is going to do mobile phone, really did not expect to have fire like this, I want to get one back to play, they found that there is not ranked on the number, so nothing to study millet pattern in the end where cattle, there is no noteworthy places. And here is my analysis, from several aspects, hoping to arouse everyone’s thinking.


was born. Millet phone was born just right, not too late, just caught the mobile Internet in the high-speed development of the shuttle. The Symbian system for Apple’s iOS and NOKIA as a pioneer representative of some large mobile phone manufacturers to open the Internet world.

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