The way of making money for Chinese nternet merchants

review of the past 2014 China Internet industry news, I am afraid there is no more than Alibaba in the United States listed in one fell swoop for the global market value of second of the things worth talking about. Alibaba after the listing of its market value has exceeded 300 billion U.S. dollars on the Internet industry fully deserve to sit second place. Google Corporation ranked first, the market value of about $400 billion in 2014. Google ten years ago, with hundreds of billions of dollars of assets, the strength of the Alibaba but then for $5 billion in assets. What is the creation of the Alibaba in the past 10 years, the market value of the miracle to achieve a growth of 60 times?The development of

Qihoo 360 experience, perhaps can reflect some of the doorways of them. In early 2005, the China has approximately 100 million Internet users, Internet penetration rate of only 8%, to the beginning of 2015, the world of Internet users reached about 3000000000, and Chinese Internet users has exceeded 800 million. And more mobile phone users than computer users. Before 360 free antivirus, Internet antivirus software are generally charging mode, so when Zhou Hongyi announced that the virus will be completely free of charge when the 360, the entire Internet antivirus software industry set off a thousand waves. A lot of anti-virus software company that Zhou Hongyi is not just hit others jobs also smashed their jobs, it is the practice. Today, we talk about 360 who knows such a company, but also the strength of the Internet Co. But 360 years ago, and now many Internet Co as humble and few people know the name of the Qihoo 360? 360 company is through its free business model to attract users, based on the pace, and then slowly climb up to go out. Bigger and bigger, the wider the field. And the entire Internet antivirus industry also because of the emergence of 360 free antivirus and change the pattern and pattern. If 360 is still using the Internet industry inherent charge development mode, presumably today’s 360 or so small and insignificant! Then the Internet, free road 360 pursued is how to achieve a profit earning


when the 360 free antivirus, quickly attracted hundreds of millions of users. It is with the popularity of these users, 360 can be achieved through advertising revenue, as well as other derivative business, such as the browser, the 360 software housekeeper, cloud disk, and so on to achieve self.

say Tencent QQ secret. In fact, Chinese free internet service model inventor is neither Ma nor Zhou Hongyi, I think Ma Huateng should be the originator, and is the most successful. After the QQ advertising model was denied, forcing the Tencent’s managers to change their thinking, to develop new Internet methods, and finally explore the value of this line in line with China’s internet. Now, as long as the Chinese people basically have access to the Internet QQ. You are free to chat in QQ, voice and video are free. But if you want to be different

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