The network capacity of the world summit in Shanghai ended in 2010

December 18th, sponsored by the Shanghai network alliance in Anting. The Shanghai International Automobile City Information Industry Park Network to let the world three anniversary of the 2010 Shanghai summit and the Shanghai Network Annual Conference held successfully. The main business alliance leadership, the relevant government departments (chamber of Commerce Network), electronic commerce and electronic commerce industry experts and scholars from all over the country leader attended the summit. Summit around the keyword "capacity", fully embodies the B2B, B2C, C2C, S2C four network compatibility".

leaders, experts and scholars, business leaders around the Chinese enterprise environment change, "12th Five-Year" network of the macroeconomic environment, the traditional enterprise electronic commerce road network, the development of the alliance, female entrepreneurs, electronic commerce, electronic commerce and data matrix, the future trade in e-commerce situation, micro-blog marketing, Taobao crown seller confusion other topics were wonderful to share (share text and video to EC training network view).

is worth mentioning is that the Shanghai modern business promotion center deputy director and Secretary General Yi Yong said in his speech, Ms. Zhang Jingjing, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce in charge of electronic commerce and himself to participate in the three anniversary of Shanghai business conference, said the Shanghai city government departments, the e-commerce alliance attention to business attention. American Secretary Yong with passionate speech to encourage the Shanghai alliance of network operators and participants of the vast network of e-commerce in Shanghai: "we in the spring has come, Shanghai chamber of commerce is an important member of the development of electronic commerce in Shanghai, we Shanghai modern business promotion center, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of commerce under the leadership of the business concerned will as in the past shangmeng shangmeng, support, what are the problems and difficulties we need help, we will help you. We will be your strong backing."

Shanghai network, ten network alliance leader, Shanghai Xin purple flower industry (Group) Limited company general manager Wu Changsong expressed "shangmeng voice" in his speech: Shanghai network alliance in the three years to go is not easy, but we insist on down, the power to persist is that small and medium-sized enterprises, the lack of small network operators a let everyone together to share the platform. We Shanghai network alliance is doing such a platform. The network capacity of the world, volume is inclusive, hold, all rivers run into sea of tolerance. We hope to do their own platform at the same time, be able to integrate together to better carry out e-commerce.

, the national development and Reform Commission information special experts, billion state power network CEO Zheng Min reminded the small and medium-sized enterprises in the speech, the enterprise survival environment has been closely linked with the financial market. And Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute deputy director, doctoral tutor Jing Linbo shared the "12th Five-Year" period, network operators should pay attention to the field. Billion state power network special adviser Feng Nianwen special from the philosophical level of electronic commerce. The research of human resources in Shanxi Province, the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee Vice President and Secretary General Wang Zhongyi explained "gtss Shanghui billion people" the spirit of the network.

summit guests or macro or micro

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