Section 6 18 the Jingdong Ali made after the noisy a feather

continued for two months of the "cat and dog war" in an uproar in the end. Multitray 6.18, Jingdong and Ali, what have you done? How about the result? This can make festival culture really continue?

for Jingdong, 6.18 this year is not only once a year anniversary promotion, is the capital and the listed Tencent after the first joint military exercise "". In particular, an important gateway before Ali listed through a variety of ways to highlight their own, weakened Ali became the strategic core of this event Jingdong.

Jingdong’s specific strategy is not complicated: from the investor’s anger brush sense of presence and strive to get more trust, the concept of penetration from the consumer, trying to build a first half of the double eleven".

but Ali won’t let the other side. At the same time to avoid mentioning the concept of 618, they chose the concept of the World Cup theme marketing. Or the usual half off mode, the main force in the field of 3C advantages of Jingdong, supplemented by the new product code amoy". Slightly low-key Ali may not be accustomed to this is not their own rhythm festival.

and like last year, a double eleven, Suning, Yi Xun, and other major electricity providers are also involved in their own way to a new round of electricity supplier carnival". But their so-called confrontation, more is to save a slice of mind.

what did the Jingdong do?

Jingdong highlights on the 6.18 main there are two: marketing and mobile terminal.

hit the concept is very expensive, so Jingdong in marketing from first to last, are very active.

in mid May, Jingdong began to implement the 618 related integrated marketing activities. From the TV and the plane of the "618 party on! Share province theme of advertising, to the mobile terminal to the red diversion, on the day of the final delivery to the stars; Liu and a live appearance in the climax of the entertainment star football match came to an end.

"general attention to integrated marketing, the marketing of suspense to attract attention, and then through a witty TVC and plane advertising to win attention, at the same time combined with Star Distribution and WeChat red envelopes and other innovative marketing to directly stimulate consumer desire to buy."

compared to large-scale marketing tools, WeChat and hand Q end of the shopping portal, this is another 6.18 points of concern. Tencent to bring the imagination of the mobile terminal Jingdong, Jingdong is an important basis for maintaining the high growth of high valuations. In order to ensure a good start of the mobile portal, Tencent opened a red envelope for Jingdong, Jingdong also invested 1 billion of the subsidies involved.

finally, this 618 day, the mobile client orders accounted for more than 1/4, this is a very good data, not to Beijing East than the proportion of twenty percent quarter mobile terminal has a great promotion. We can not see the specific number of Tencent Jingdong diversion, but Jingdong official >

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