Tea tea business listed on the new board to ridge line shop

news April 12th, the Internet brand of tea tea Ling officially listed on the new board, stock code 836369.

, the National SME share transfer system announced that the Xiamen tea ridge Agel Ecommerce Ltd stock today listed in the national share transfer system and the transfer of public securities, referred to as tea ridge, stock code 836369.

tea shop Ling Jingdong

the tea ridge public offering a total of 12 million shares of stock, the chairman and general manager of the red branch directly holds 79.8750% stake in the company’s largest shareholder, in addition, red holds Ming Runyuan (tea tea run source holds 10% of the shares of the 92.0382% Ling) share, therefore, red is the controlling shareholder of the company.

it is reported that in 2013 2014, Ling tea and 1~7 in 2015 revenues were 14 million 694 thousand and 800 yuan, 20 million 159 thousand and 100 yuan, 14 million 479 thousand and 600 yuan, of which net profits were 1 million 558 thousand and 600 yuan, 2 million 220 thousand and 900 yuan, 750 thousand and 400 yuan, gross margins were 48.01%, 50.47%, 49.28%.

Ling tea as the main business of tea and tea products such as online sales business, the company purchased from vendors based materials, and then processing (packaging), through vip.com, Jingdong, Tmall, Amazon, shop No. 1 and three party e-commerce platform, take the "pool + direct + distribution" business model, sales product price. In addition to the PC side, it is also actively expanding the mobile terminal and offline sales.

billion state power network to understand, competitors include longrun tea ridge, black beauty, Hanford tea, Tianfu holdings. The longrun tea in 2009 in Hongkong main board listed (Stock Code: 2898.HK), Chinese tea became the first listed company; black beauty has been listed on the new board (Stock Code: 831443). In the tea ridge before, from January 2015 to February 2016, the new board has Ya’an tea, white tea, black tea, beauty Ma shares a total of 10 tea enterprises listed.

according to the Provincial Department of tea production, tea production department in charge of statistical summary, in 2014 the national total output of 1 million 950 thousand tons of tea, an increase of more than 590 thousand tons in 2009, an increase of 43.4%. Tea garden area of 2 million 740 thousand hectares, an increase of more than 890 thousand hectares in 2009, an increase of 32.5%, the country’s total output value of tea for the first time exceeded $100 billion.

China electronic commerce research center monitoring data show that in 2013 the total sales of the tea business is close to 8 billion 500 million yuan, compared to 2012 nearly doubled to three times to achieve explosive growth, the Alibaba platform to complete the tea category turnover reached 3 billion 416 million yuan. 2014, total sales of tea electricity supplier was 11 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 32.94>

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