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            in many webmaster work hard to make money, some owners can get something for nothing". Through efforts to pay for a domain name and make money, or do not pay on profit, many owners began to fall into a dilemma.

domain parking is a new way to make money through the domain name. Many owners have tasted the sweetness of it, compared to the creation of the site or sell the domain name of others, they do not need to pay too much can get a considerable profit. This sounds like a pie in the sky, some people think that if the investment of thousands of domain names to park will not become a millionaire?. Some of the new owners may have a lot of questions about domain parking, this article covers the basic concepts of domain parking, hoping to be able to inspire novice webmaster.

what is domain parking?

domain parking is really very simple, is to let the domain name parking service provider in your domain name on advertising. Visitors click on the ads in your domain name page, you can get the corresponding revenue.

how to park domain name?

after you purchase or register a domain name, you need in a domain name registration service (of course, can also choose with multiple domain name service provider if you are particularly keen on domain name words). Domain parking services will tell you how to use their services. Usually you need to resolve your domain name to their IP. Domain parking service providers will give you the option to target ads, for example, you can choose to set the appropriate keywords for advertising.

how to make domain name parking page to get traffic?

domain parking services strictly limit the amount of traffic you add to your parking page. For example, through advertising, links and other ways to get traffic for the page is inconsistent with the terms of service domain parking service providers.

parking service for those who already have the potential flow domain, including these domain names with excellent keyword domain name, domain name, indexed by search engines originally built station domain name, domain name, or to make mistakes in different domain name suffixes.

domain name through the key to the success of the park is the domain name can have a natural click. No click, domain parking is meaningless. Domain parking is not to fight for the domain name traffic and click, but how to get a potential domain name. You can use Alexa, Google external tool and other tools to study and get a potential domain name.

domain name parking service provider?

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