Du Ruifeng what can we do for students majoring in e commerce

due to the reasons for the internship, recently always think about what they can do in the future, the following I think of something to share out, hoping to communicate with other students and peers.

a, e-commerce professional students learned during school?

most of the time, I would think, whether I can learn many things, if only to learn that the curriculum syllabus of the school, the future can do what work? Six more months to practice, recall now I learned at what college is to know what is B2B, what is C2C, what is Alipay, That’s all., now there are many students in our class there is no Alipay and online banking, now give an online banking card will not use, how do the future of e-commerce? May be more the reason behind us the development of electronic commerce, the school library also do not have what is new about books. We are now even a simple HTML page do not come out. I don’t know the city e-commerce developed the university is how, Inner Mongolia University of electronic commerce professional mostly just some understanding of the basic concepts, the simple operation course about network promotion, what SEO never heard. Fortunately, I met last semester from the green outfit marketing planning agencies friends, they tell me what is the learning, learned a lot, but also improve their self-learning ability.

two, school knowledge can be used in the work of the number of


learned in school are some conceptual things, so only in the mind perception only, can be used in the actual work and how much? First analysis of e-commerce students after graduation are engaged in the industry.

1, website construction and production. The current situation of our school is that very few people can understand the domain name and space thoroughly, do not know what other schools, we can only learn to use the Dreamweaver view page to do a fool’s page.

2, be a technician, maintain a website or development program. This is even more distant for us, because we look at our school can hardly find PHP programming..

3, online shop. Since the technical personnel is done, then open a net store, at least can earn money to feed themselves, this time we will find that in the university curriculum actually haven’t learned how to promote online! If you want to shop, okay, from scratch.

4, do marketing work. I remember we had a semester of marketing course, is about some concepts, the teacher just said what 4P is what 4R is, what kinds of pricing methods and so on, but did not teach us to run the business when what method can quickly let the other orders, so their own way.

e-commerce professional knowledge is too broad, in addition to these we >

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