3 days to teach you how to do micro business in

yesterday, my personal micro business views said, perhaps, you will feel no dry cargo. Today, I come to talk about the content of personal dry cargo derivative, that is how to be a thought, there are stories of people


we say, do Taobao are worried about traffic, do micro business, are worried about friends. In fact, the surface seems to be a truth, is to have someone. However, in depth, you will find that the two places are completely different. Taobao people are random, you can only passively accept. WeChat people are emotional, you need to take the initiative to find.

so, the problem is coming. How to take the initiative to find it?

before adding flour, prepare the work well.


is going to be a man of ideas and stories. Well, it is necessary to properly packaging themselves, at least, can not give people the feeling of hate. So start with your micro signal.

a WeChat includes: 1, WeChat nickname and avatar, 2, micro signal, the signature of the personality of the 3, 4, circle of friends, these are displayed to the other people to see, so you have to make good use of.

1, WeChat nickname and avatar

a lot of people do micro business, the name of the beginning with a letter A, which should be followed by those who are micro business training, adding a letter A, in the address book in the front.

results, as long as it is to see the beginning of the letter A WeChat friends apply, a lot of people are ignored, because a look to know that you are doing micro business, the beginning of the A letter is still a representative of micro business.

a lot of people nicknames use some special letter expression, the results, looking for half a day also can’t find you. Now people are very lazy, under normal circumstances, a personal friend WeChat hundreds of people, so many thousands of people, certainly is a direct search search box enter the name for you, you have a special character input method in the face, do not come out to play, to how people find you.

since it is to do business, it is necessary for the sake of customers. So, please use Chinese nickname, and then easy to remember. Some people use their real name, is actually a good. If you do not want to use the real name, you must find a fun, can let a person remember the name, do not use brand name or with advertisement character name, just like my name: not at the Duke, referred to as the prince. When people see the name, they will find it very interesting. He ignored in, then go? So, the light from the name, you can chat with strangers. Name a single set down, do not change the.

on the head is actually the same, as far as possible the use of the image can be identified. A lot of people use plants and animals. In particular, some people, WeChat registration information is obviously a man, the results of the head with a beauty, I looked disgusted. Even the most superficial image is not, how do you make people trust ah. >

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