Taobao alliance secret

In this paper, the author

contacted the Jingdong, Taobao mall mall mall, pat three business platform, according to the practice of nagging learned, in understanding, and in summing up the various online training and tutorials to learn the experience in the process, to accept, simply on several platforms to promote the alliance to make small comments.

a, what is the promotion alliance?

sellers want to expand sales to the consumer market, especially the Internet to sell a new product, in addition to the store internal organs, such as shop shop signs, the main products, product details page, product price adjustment and promotion method is provided, in the rules issued by the platform, do have a certain visual style, overall coordination, clear focus the shop effect, also need to recruit a group of identity of your product, willing to promote your products Amoy


is the most typical, Taobao in 2008 about the hottest Taobao guest. Almost everyone will do Sina blog, QQ group of people will go to registered the Ali Mama, joined Ali Mama XX product promotion alliance, how to have the effect of hard propaganda in the blog, how much value and so on, open the marketing class QQ group, is a "super low heat value" women sell "grab explosion models" stimulate the eye signs.

most of the specific operation of the promotion alliance process:

1 registered as a member of the promotion alliance / promoter, example: Taobao guest / Ali mother member;

2 to improve the personal data (most of the requirements of the real name authentication), through the platform identity authentication;

3 to promote the promotion of goods or shops, according to the platform prompted to obtain promotional links and materials;

4 will promote links and materials to the platform to register through the website or blog, Q group, the official promotion;

5 visitors to buy products through the promotion link;

6 platform to promote the record of events, buy and confirm receipt, from the platform to the merchant account deduct Commission, and after the fee charged to the promotion.

two, how to choose promotion platform?

from a few nagging platform of their own exposure to the Jingdong, the biggest problem is the alliance settlement Commission, most are dissatisfied with the Jingdong Promotion Promotion Commission issued delay problem, there have been many problems of single leakage phenomenon, around a circle in the forum, you rarely see the official staff from Jingdong do a detailed explanation, with the Jingdong positioning itself is different from Taobao, not pay special attention to the promotion of this alliance, technology needs to be improved.


is currently attracting excellent size stationmaster settled station, formation and control of the biggest aim is to flow, after all, in their own territory, then the flow has its own distribution, realize the overall planning flow does not have too much obstacles. However, at present, excellent station traffic in addition to the more well-known and comparison

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