Taobao’s power to sweep the social holiday That’s a joke

last week four days, Taobao has released four copies of the annual report with different structure of counterfeiting, "Taobao 2014 report", "fake police linkage linkage 2014 Taobao intellectual property bureau report", "2014 fake Taobao with the Department of press and publication," Taobao 2014 report "fake fake commodity quality inspection report". A series of moves, so that the industry dazzled, so Taobao has done so much.

the proliferation of fakes, a long time, in the Taobao has not yet been born, we can buy all kinds of fakes at all levels of the market, and even for the fake professional market.

now, fake Taobao has become a topic not open around. These years, Taobao continue to increase efforts to combat fraud, from the beginning of last year, Ali department and public security, quality supervision, the Department of intellectual property rights, and other relevant government administrative law enforcement bureau jointly announced the establishment of intellectual property protection working group, and group CEO by Ali Lu Zhaoxi himself as head of hanging shuai. Taobao is not hesitate to fake it.

even even a four annual report and fake, efforts continue to strengthen the crackdown over the years in the background, there are still some sound that Taobao is not doing enough, it also reflects a (of course, many stakeholders deliberately promoted) misunderstanding helpless: fake end should be leading to the who in the end who should be responsible? The current status of the fake? What time to get rid of the fake into a company’s natural duty and of course look forward to


there is no doubt that in the context of online shopping is increasingly mature, fake is a disadvantage for Taobao brand development, and even affect the whole Ali group, Taobao is more clearly than the outside world, so Taobao anti-counterfeiting efforts will only become more and more. However, it is not easy to solve the problem of fake. Where is the line from the challenge?! why not ask the source of false in line and

?We cannot turn a blind eye to

with fake status in life: the streets and lanes clothing stores around the wholesale market, a variety of small towns or villages…… Meet the eye everywhere for decades in a continuous line. That is the case, why are we so persistent stare at Taobao, Taobao created fake? It doesn’t even have fake online sellers, but good, aren’t they from the line of life? Since we all used to fake, not accountable, why they hate teeth may not require Taobao all kinds of fake dens lines are under to eradicate, show a flawless online world public


in fact, as an open trading platform, 7 million sellers, billion SKU, Taobao is helpless, doesn’t have a reasonable model can completely eliminate fake emerge, even if it is no longer self willed to do. It can be removed under the frame of commodity, closed shop, can not allow this store associated ID to shop, but it is unable to do the counterfeiters shop again, unable to stop the line of fraud, also unable to catch and sanctions, only feedback to line departments.

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